Business Continuity

We offer secure, Enterprise-Class Business Continuity without the Enterprise-Class Price.

Every organization must make business continuity planning part of its business and IT strategy.

Business Continuity encompasses both data availability and disaster recovery, which allows an organization to continue functioning after (and ideally, during) a disaster, rather than simply being able to recover after a disaster. Disasters do not have to be catastrophic, but their results can be. Not having access to email for a day can be as catastrophic as losing the last 25 database transactions; not backing up to an off-site location may be detrimental; and putting all your eggs in one basket – or on one server – is tempting fate. Our new NAS-based technology performs at the block level where the actual digital 1's and 0's are captured from the hard drive, essentially eliminating failures related to open files. Because block-level data is raw information that's independent of file structure formatting, it's the most efficient way to write to a disk.

Restore Server Operations in Less Than 30 Minutes

Now there's a superior backup and disaster recovery solution that matches your business needs – and fits within your budget.

Data Recovery

We partner with Drive Savers to offer damaged HDD data recovery. Learn more by viewing the video or clicking on the link below.

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