Case Study

Multi-Business Systems

Leading business products distributor wanted to increase efficiency, cut costs, and reduce complexity.

When approached by our client, it was determined that they would require a more robust IT infrastructure to handle their current expansion, as well as allow for future growth. Federico Consulting designed a framework based on trusted technology solutions to fulfill these needs. By utilizing our vast array of resources we were able to equip the client with a complete resolution. From cabling the new sites and ordering the new voice and data services, to crafting the network layout and provisioning and installing all equipment, we were able to provide the end-user with a single point of contact for all their IT needs.

Technology Integration

The need for simplified communications between offices, as well as the replacement of an antiquated phone system without voicemail capabilities, was of the utmost importance. As a recognized leader in VoIP (voice over IP) technology, Nortel Networks was an obvious choice for our client’s telephone needs. Being an authorized reseller, Federico Consulting had the ability to procure all necessary equipment – we also possess the specialized staff to install and maintain it. We were able to provide our customer with four digit dialing between offices, reducing long distance costs as the multiple sites were now tied together with VPN connections. This solution allowed for a streamlined business platform providing us the ability to manage the client’s entire organization under one network. Our position with multiple telecom providers insured that we were able to suggest leading edge telecommunication technologies to take care of the customer’s voice and data requirements. By migrating the client to an IP based platform we were able to cut costs as well as reduce complexity, two major objectives of our end-user. In addition to our telecom abilities, Federico Consulting maintains strong alliances with the most powerful innovators on the data equipment front. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, a Citrix Solution Advisor, and an HP Partner, to name a few. These relationships allowed for us to propose solutions geared toward growth and prosperity for our client in an ever-changing IT environment. By furnishing our client with superior systems built on a strong foundation of reliability, we empowered them to allocate their resources to what is ultimately most important – running their business efficiently.